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Henan provincial Party committee secretary Xu Guangchun through

The Spring Festival will be faced ,Xu Guangchun of secretary of provincial Party committee issued a New Year message through the river ,on behalf of the provincial Party committee ,the provincial government ,to the users and all the concern and support of Henan development at home and abroad friends to congratulate the Chinese New Year .
Full text is as follows :the province friends and all the concern and support of Henan development at home and abroad friends :Hello! In the beginning of Spring Festival happy days ,I on behalf of the Henan provincial Party committee ,provincial government through the fourth provincial media - the big river ,to the user ,to all the concern and support of Henan development at home and abroad friends extended New Year greetings! Just go 2006,it is me the province builds comparatively well-off society in the round ,to accelerate the rise of central China magnificent journey of striding forward a year.
We adhere to the Deng Xiaoping Theory and &quot ;three &quot ;the important thought as the instruction, comprehensively implement the scientific outlook on development ,hard compose builds socialistic harmony society ,economic society presents a fast health develops ,comprehensive coordination of gratifying momentum ,is one of the best vintages in recent years development .
GDP exceeded 1.2 yuan,than going up year growth of 14.1% ,a number of important areas appeared to reflect the new change .One is the agricultural production on a new level, total output of complete province grain A breakthrough 100000000000 jins ,incremental accounted for nearly 1/2 of the whole country ,by agriculture big province saves stride by force to agricultural industrial efficiency .
Two had new breakthrough ,above Designated Size Industrial Enterprises by main business income reached 1.3 yuan,implementation profit more than 100000000000 yuan ,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com,emerging industry position consolidates further ,industrial province construction stepped solid pace.
Three is the infrastructure construction had new span ,The first traffic accident,transportation ,energy ,communication and promoting city construction ,highway traffic mileage ranked first in the country ,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com,a number of major projects progressing smoothly, economic and social development aftereffect increases .
The four is to open to the outside world had new development ,the actual utilization of foreign capital to exceed 1800000000 dollar ,import and export volume exceeded 10000000000 U.S. dollars ,Adidas Porsche Design,use foreign capital to break through 90000000000 yuan ,growth rate was significantly higher than the national average .
Five is the people had new improvement ,urban and rural dweller income nearly 10 years for the first time they achieve two digit growth ,provincial Party committee ,provincial government for the masses to do ten things all implemented ,people living standard rises steadily .
The six image is a new promotion ,broad cadre masses ideological emancipation ,spirits ,advanced experience ,the heroes characters continue to emerge ,the image of Henan is getting better and better ,more and more popular Wong seven is social .
A new weather, prominent problems relating to their vital interests are better resolved ,safe production situation is smooth, people ,happiness increases ceaselessly ,whole society presents a stable and peaceful atmosphere.
At the same time ,socialist democracy and the socialist legal system and the construction of the party to be further strengthened. All of these shows ,2006 is Henaneconomy society the development of the year ,in recent years ,peace is better for one year,www.adidasjeremyscottit.com, but also for the future development and lay a solid foundation for the year.
2006 Henanachievement ,do not .You make full use of network platform ,hot Henan development ,promote Henan success,Adidas Wings, as Henan beat and breathe out ,Henan joy and happiness .Henan a big pile ,a happy ,make you dance for joy ,pride ,Henan is a joy ,Henan and pride ,in your hands ,stirring in the network world ,spread all over the world !Because of your efforts ,the development of Henan won the world respect and attention ,Radiofrequency ablation of lung cancer!In 2006, friends in the online propaganda of scientific truth ,spread advanced culture ,promote scientific spirit ,create a beautiful mind ,promote social justice .
You launched &quot ;China mind , &quot ;&quot ;China mountains of female teachers ,&quot ;&quot ;China stepmother &quot ;Henan Internet celebrity .They are Henan on behalf of the people ,their beautiful network ,they moved to China ,they establish a good image of Henan people .
2006,Henan network news propaganda window original frequency .Big river ,Henan newspaper network to achieve the merger, fourth provincial level media river network was born ;river network interaction of newspaper and network column focus network won the China News Award famous news column and Chinese Internet brand column ,is not only the Henan newspaper industry first ,but also is Chinese Internet history and only one name column.
The second &quot in &quot ;Songshan ;China Internet High-level Forum successfully held ,the attention inside course of study ;the river network insisted Wenming ban network ,won the China Internet industry self-discipline award .
The Henan media network achievements worth celebrating !Hu Jintao pointed out ,give full play to the role of the Internet in our country socialist culture construction in the important role ,is beneficial to improve the ideological and ethical qualities and scientific and cultural qualities ,is conducive to the expansion of ideological propaganda work positions ,is conducive to the expansion of the socialist spiritual civilization of radiation The force and appeal ,is conducive to enhance China soft strength ,and stresses the positive and effective management of Internet use in relation to the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics overall situation.
This is our scientific development in Internet, the correct use of the Internet function points to clear direction. Harships sends spring return ,snow to the Spring Festival. New year ,I sincerely hope the majority of users, further adhere to the Internet civilization consciousness ,spread advanced culture ,is committed to building the network civilization ,make Internet become the spread of socialist advanced culture ,the new way of public cultural service platform ,Adidas Jeremy Scott They are political,new people and new space for healthy cultural life ,for Henan implementation spans &quot ;two &quot ;to make new contributions to the netizen .

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